My research interests lie in the area of ICT4D, where I seeks to understand the influence of social and cultural forces on adoption and use of technology in rural India. Below are some of the research projects that I have worked on  in the past.

AWAAZ DE : Giving Communities a Voice using Voice Social Media

Awaaz De provides open-sourced voice solutions to help organizations engage communities and make social media accessible to everyone. The aim of Awaaz De is to empower communities to become informed producers and consumers of knowledge. I worked with Dr. Tapan Parikh and Neil Patel on conducting a user experience research study of an Awaaz De application deployed for farmers to build  a practice (agriculture) community in rural Gujarat, India.
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MILLEE : Mobile and Immersive Learning for Literacy in Emerging Economies

MILLEE aims to improve “power language” literacy in developing regions. In most developing regions, literacy is a major key to opportunity, and the power language is often different from the learners first language. School learning is often problematic and PCs are as yet rare in these contexts, so MILLEE uses cell phones as the platform. MILLEE experiences are game-like and support anytime/anywhere learning, even for children who spend many hours a week working. I worked with Dr. John Canny and Dr. Matthew Kam on evaluating MILLEE with a view to understanding the influence of socio-cultural forces on its adoption.
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